Karate Belts

When you have been training in karate for between three and six month you should be ready to take your first grading. Your first grading will be for the orange belt, the first step on your way to becoming a first Dan black belt.

After you achieve your orange, you can progress to the red belt within another three to six-month period. This then continues for the yellow, green, purple, purple and white, brown, brown with one white stripe, brown belt with two white stripes, and finally your 1st Dan black belt.



In today’s world, our streets are becoming more and more dangerous and the need for self-defence never greater. We will teach you how to defend yourself in any situation that may arise.

Weapon Disarming

With knife crime getting worse, and attacks increasing daily, it has never been a better time to learn how to defend yourself. We can teach you how to defend yourself confidently against a knife attack.